Food You Must Try in the Philippines

Are you for your trip to the Philippines? Of course, you must not forget to try the local food in the Philippines. There are more than 7, 000 islands in the country and with the diverse culture, every island has delicious dishes of its own. To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best food that you must in the Philippines.

1. Adobo 

No rundown of Filipino food would be finished without adobo. 

A universal dish in each family in the Philippines, it’s Mexican in origin. 

Yet, Filipinos found that cooking meat (regularly chicken and pork) in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and different flavors was a useful method to safeguard it without refrigeration. This cooking style can be applied to various meats or even fish. 

2. Lechon (Roast Pig)

The lechon is the most welcomed party visitor in the Philippines. The whole pig is spit-roasted over coals, with the fresh, brilliant earthy colored skin presented with liver sauce, the most desired part. In Cebu, the stomach of the pig is loaded down with star anise, pepper, spring onions, shrub leaves and lemongrass bringing about an amazingly delicious lechon, which needs no sauce. 

3. Sisig 

Nothing goes to squander in Filipino food. 

In the culinary capital of Pampanga, they turn the pork’s cheeks, head and liver into a sizzling dish called Sisig. The crunchy and chewy surface of this tidbit is an ideal counterpart for a cool brew. Present with hot sauce and Knorr preparing to suit the inclination of you and your mates. 

4. Firm pata 

Not for the effectively frightened, this pork knuckle is stewed, depleted and pan fried until fresh. 

The meat is delicate and succulent inside, with a fresh, popping outside. 

Presented with vinegar, soy sauce and stew. 

5. Chicken inasal 

Indeed, it’s barbecued chicken. Be that as it may, in Bacolod, this is no conventional flame broiled chicken. The meat is marinated in lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper and garlic and brushed with achuete (annatto seeds) oil. All aspects of the chicken are barbecued here from the paa (drumstick), pecho (bosom), baticulon (gizzard), atay (liver), pakpak (wings) and corazon (heart). It must be eaten with a liberal serving of garlic rice, with a portion of the orange oil used to marinade the chicken poured over the rice.

Safety Tips When Hiking in Southern Utah

Are you planning to hike in Southern Utah?  It is good to get some healthy advice on how to stay safe while you are with your family. So we have gathered some of the best tops on how you can stay safe while hiking in this wonderful destination.

Bring a lot of water. Hiking in any of the trails can be exhausting even if you have trained enough for this activity. Make sure that you don’t forget to carry a lot of water especially if you are heading to The Mighty Five.

Know the conditions of the trail you are going. Staying safe when hiking in Southern Utah requires more than just preparing what to bring as you go. It also entails understanding what is required in certain weather conditions. Note that there is very little shade in the trails. This means you have to ensure your health is in good condition. Start from hiking slowly in lower elevation before gradually taking higher steps. If you are bringing your family, choose spots that are friendly for the kids and significantly enjoyable for everyone.

Choose the right companions. If you are not going with your family, make sure you are going with good companions. These are the people who will not push you too far outside your comfort zone. Sure, a little challenge makes us feel good but hiking in Southern Utah is not a time to play your naughty tricks and show off. It requires you to be more responsible for yourself and your comrades.

Respect other people. The trails in Southern Utah are often crowded especially during peak season.  On the bright side, trekking and hiking with a group can actually be fun.  This can be a great opportunity to meet some friends especially if you are alone in your journey. Never let the crowd piss you off. Take advantage of the opportunity to know some people who can give you a helping hand in case something wrong will go in your journey.  Most importantly, watch out for your things especially if you have plans of camping.