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Welcome to the best place to find industrial, medical, fuel centrifuges at discounted prices. From WVO to oil, biodiesel to IEC, beckman to eppendorf, find them all here and save big bucks.

This site, once the home of Brandt Southwest centrifuge services, is no longer associated with any one company in the field of seperators and centrifuges.

Rather, it lives on as a home of discounted sales of new and used centrifuges. What exactly does that mean?

Simple. We have created a script to scour real-time online auctions to find any and all centrifuge sales going on right now. As you search for anything specific in the left-hand column or click on any store link, that script goes out and finds any auctions happening right now.

That means a few things. First, it means these auctions are updated every minute. No one knows what will come back, which means with specific searches some items wont be selling right now, but that doesn't mean there won't be a centrifuge deal tomorrow.

Why not bookmark us now so you can return regularly? One thing we do know is that there are motivated sellers out there ready to make a deal for centrifuges in all major industries.